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ASI Team

Elias Petur Thorarinsson // Iceland

First and foremost Elias loves to explore Nature, and to feel like a respectful part of it. He is very preoccupied with sustainability, and works actively with securing good fishing opportunities for future generations of fly fishermen. Furthermore, for about two months this summer, he will be guiding fly fishermen on Iceland and making sure they have some unforgettable moments.

“On my 7th birthday my parents gave me a fly rod and since that day my life hasn’t been the same. I became obsessed and fascinated with this new form of fishing. Over the next few years I spent my time practicing my casting skills, if not by a river or a lake, then out in my garden. My goal was to try and perfect the beautiful art of fly-fishing.

I sit here today, 10 years later with so many things I still have yet to learn.

Now I spend almost all of my spare time fly-fishing. You can find me either fishing with light tackle and tiny flies for hungry Arctic char or double-handed rods casting large tubes for Atlantic salmon.

I’m not like most of my friends, I don’t “waste” my summer chasing after girls...oh no.  I chase fish, look under rocks for nymphs and try my absolute best to make that damn fish take my dry fly. That is what life is about, those magic moments you experience by the lake or the river that you will forever cherish. That is exactly what ArcticSilver is about, helping you make those magic moments even more magical. I am constantly looking for new and exciting challenges and limits to transcend. It is a part of my personality, and it is also one of the reasons I joined ArcticSilver.