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ASI Team

Rune Westphal // Denmark

I grew up along the shores of northern Zealand, Denmark, influenced by my father and grandfather it was a natural progression for me to became a sea trout fisherman. At the age of ten I was old enough to join them on the hunt. The fishing was tough, the conditions hard and bad gear, not really designed for saltwater, made it an all-in or nothing mission. I went all in!

The first lesson was probably the toughest of them all, patience. I was trying everything, I read all the literature about sea trout fishing (not much at that time) and still I couldn’t figure it out. in two years I did not land a single sea trout while my two mentors had their share of fun.

My granddad kept telling me, patience is a virtue, and I defiantly learned the lesson right from the start. But eventually it did happen - on a warm spring day everything changed, and the two years of struggle was forgotten in a true magic moment. A shining silver seatrout was at the end of my line, and I succeeded getting it all the way to the waiting net. It was total bliss, and from that moment my life changed. I had found my holy grail, and a year later - after many hours of field practice - I hooked my first seatrout on the fly, which was another eye opening magic moment. From there on I started focusing more and more on fly fishing and later fly tying as well.