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ASI Team

Skylar Hamann // USA

I spent 2 years living in my tiny camper without a hot shower or an address, but my days were spent fishing on some of the most beautiful waterways from Washington to Florida and everything in between. I learned that following my dream isn’t what it looks like on my Instagram account. Behind the pictures of majestic mountains and memorable catches, are the photos of me washing my hair in a pot on the camp stove or the peanut butter sandwich (too cheap for jelly) that I ate every day. I don’t miss going to the movies or having running water,  and I haven’t even owned a cell phone for years, but all of that is worth it to me.

While fly fishing, I think there is this sense of being a part of the world, not the world that humans created, but of Earth – the way it has always been. The fish don’t know me; they don’t have to, and they certainly don’t try. They don’t pass judgment on me…just my flies. They don’t care if I am a man or a woman, if I’m pretty or plain, only the action of my fly. When I am on a river i’m just a tree; warm blood, the wind, or maybe a stonefly. We are on the same plane. We aren’t better than nature, we are part of it. We are in the world, not on it.

I then spent a season fishing Argentina and Chile while camping and exploring some of Patagonia's fabled rivers, which culminated in a guiding opportunity in Coyhaique, Chile. I worked under Luis Antunez, while learning his style of fishing for giant Patagonian brown trout. Once I returned back to the states, I spent a season guiding on some of southwestern Montana’s famous freestone streams.