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ASI Team

Katka Švagrová

I come from a fishing family. My great-grandfather and grandfather were fishermen, and even my grandmother would pick up a rod  from time to time and set off on her motorcycle to fish a local river. I grew up beside a picturesque trout river which flows only a few meters from our house. From an early age it was more than clear that although I am a woman, I will build on my passion and keep the fly fishing tradition strong in my family.
My father and my love for nature taught me that everyone has a special thing inside of them; something they are born with and certain experiences will awaken it inside of you. There is a passion for something …. passion for fishing, a passion for nature. To be in nature is to be human, because this miraculous nature has given us life.  I thank God that I experienced this passion with fishing.

I grew up with a fly rod in my hand and by the time I was six years old I started to tie flies. I collected a lot of experiences in local rivers and lakes and caught many beautiful fish. When I was 18 I started to study the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection program, spending even more time with fish. I have tried competition and during the five years of competition I managed to become four time champion of Czech Republic in fly fishing, but the competition was not what filled me. What really fulfills me is traveling with a fly rod. For the last few years I had an invitation to fish with a famous fly fishing Guido in Western Australia, Jonathan Shales, and one day I thought, “why not?”