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ASI Team

Noora Lindholm // Finland

It all started from my family’s love to be close to nature. When I was a child, the archipelago and its surrounding countryside were my playground and my teacher. My twin brother an I explored everything we could, climbed the highest rocks and trees we found, and boated to the nearby islands. When our family wasn't at sea, we were enjoying the Finnish forests and lakes.

Fishing was related to almost everything we did. While we were teenagers our cousin introduced fly fishing to my brother. As I watched him gain experience and excitement I began to catch the bug myself.

When you have grown up with fishing, you really can’t envision yourself without it. For me, fly fishing is all about being out in the nature. It is about being able to watch fish and learn their behavior. Fishing gives me the chance to admire the diversity of rivers and the secrets lying deep within the sea. I have always been an explorer, and fly fishing is the perfect way to explore the wilderness.