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Please welcome Alexander Fredagsvik to the ASI-Team

Alexander Fredagsvik

ASI Team

It all started the summer of 1993, during a late august evening at a local river. I was 13 years
old, and already a dedicated fisher-boy with high hopes for every trip. This particular day I
started way upstream - where I had a secret spot with huge trout.

Well, the biggest one I had ever caught there was around 200 grams, but still! For me, it
was nice fish caught on my very own, home-made wooden stick - rigged with a floater
and a worm.

As the day went on, and all my secret spots down stream had been fished thoroughly - I spotted this old fella doing something weird, something I’d never seen before. He was waving around a rod, doing curls and stuff in the air. I was amazed, so I gently approached this scary old guy. I sat down on a rock and studied him for a long time. When I noticed that he was catching rising trout with a fly, I instantly found myself. “This is it - to catch rising trout is my destiny” I thought to myself at that moment. After sitting there for a while, the scary old guy approached me and started telling me about the river - MY river. He talked about how he had fished it for decades, and told me about the big trout he had caught and so on. I listened for a minute before I interrupted him. “What are you using to catch these fish?” I asked. “This is a fly rod” he said, “and I usually use dry flies.” At that moment I knew exactly what I wanted my next christmas gift to be. The man’s name was Simon. I joined him the rest of the evening - studying his approach, asking him questions... I even got to see him net the biggest trout I’d ever seen in my life. From that day on, it was all fly fishing, all the time. Now, 24 years later, I’m still at it.

Fly fishing has become the majority of my life. It is how I make a living! Selling and testing fly fishing equipment, guiding people to the best water, giving casting lessons, fly tying lessons and so on. I also have my own website called where I write about various styles of fly fishing. I like to do it all - salmon, seatrout, seabass, saltwater, dryfly - you name it! By now its in my blood, and my goal is to always be humble and keep learning.

I am pretty sure I will learn something new every season for the rest of my life. Meeting new people is probably the best part of it all. Connecting with people that share these similar interests around the globe has giving me many opportunities in my life, and for that, I am very grateful. When I am not out doing fly fishing related things, I like to spend time with my wife, and my two boys.

Family is very important to me, and I know I am a lucky guy to have such an understanding family. I’ve been away for many days every season for the last 10 years and they still support me in an amazing way. But when you grow up in a family that loves the outdoors (hunting and fishing and all that) it’s probably easier to understand this facination of nature that some of us have.

Always remember to be the best version of your self, even when times get tough. Always support and back each others backs. Your kindness towards others will always come back around, and lift you up in the end.
Tight Lines! -Alexander