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Please welcome Damien Brouste to the ASI Team


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It all started in the south west of France. My father used to bring me, my brother and sister fishing for minnow and bleak. I learned how to spin and fish for carp as well as angling and deep sea fishing. These techniques allowed me to target nearly all species swimming in the area.

Years later as a teenager, I discovered fly fishing. It was a huge revelation for me because I could finally target all those fish I saw swimming without spooking them. I met some talented fly fisherman who taught me a lot about fishing for trout. They eventually gave me the skills to be a competent fisherman. After finishing my studies, I moved to New Caledonia, a tropical French island with monster bonefish- not too bad for living.

There are no trout on the island, so I had to learn how to saltwater fish. I was completely lost the first time I tried to fish on the flats. I still remember having my fly line wrapped around my neck as a trevally pulled on the other side. I had to start over and learn everything from the beginning. Soon I began to target every species I found interesting to catch with a fly. I eventually earned enough money to buy my first camera. I used the internet to learn how to adjust my camera, and how to compose and develop my pictures. Now I spend my time discovering new species, meeting new people and exploring new destinations on my holidays.

I still struggle to explain what fly fishing means to me. It is simply something I love and need to do. Because I am only able to fish on weekends and holidays, I have learned to appreciate every moment I have on the water. I am an observer. I think it is very important in fly fishing to watch others because it puts your own errors and triumphs into a better perspective. Always take the time to observe the water, the fish and what they eat. Watch how your fly line deploys, how your tippet lands, how the fish react, and how the light hits your buddy while he’s holding his trophy! Everything you look at will make up the great memories you will have of your trips.

When it comes to sight fishing, whether in freshwater or saltwater and regardless the type of fish I have in front of me, I know how to fish it. I do not specialize in fishing any particular type of fish. Nature has created so many different fish species that it would be a pity to only fish one. When I started fly fishing, I only targeted trout. Now I like to fish for whatever species are in the area.

My best «Magic Moments» in fly fishing // Fishing under the aurora borealis in Iceland, sight fishing a Surubi in the Bolivian jungle, catching my first Giant Trevally in New Cal - the first GT of my friends, presenting flies to bonefish you thought were GT, my first fish (chub) on fly, Black marlin on fly with Jono Shales and Nick Whitby, a redblotched wrasse on fly in Western Australia flat, fishing monster carp in Spain, being spooked by a bear in BC, a close encounter with a 4m tiger shark on the New Cal flat, and every moment I’ve spent fishing with close friends.

Why I joined the ASI Team? // They told me I’ll never have to spend another penny on travel. They also will pay me a huge amount of money to fish and have offered me a wood house close to an Icelandic river full of huge salmon. On a serious note, the ASI team is composed by great people who want to move forward. They are all friendly, passionate and they all know how to fish! Being a part of the team is like having a second family. Equipment wise, I really enjoyed the rods. They are very good for casting all day long without getting tired. The free-flex concept is very good for saving energy. Most importantly, the big boss prepared me eggs and bacon for breakfast when I was in Iceland with him."