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Please Welcome Ronny Lagoni Thomsen to the ASI-Team


Team member
Ronny Lagoni Thomsen

When we drift out of time and out of mind, we lose ourselves to be reborn in the dream of our passion. Drifting is a force of nature that is so strongly present in all fly anglers – it is a motion built into our cast, it is the movement of the fly on the water and it is the state of mind, that describes the exact moment, when we transcend and experience true freedom.

My reasons for choosing to work with Arcticsilver are founded on this very philosophy, simply because I believe, that you search for the same things, when you take your fly rod for a trip. Whether it is to the local stream, creek, river, coastline or those distant, foreign shores of dream destinations around the world, you look for that special moment, when you drift away, extremely present in that instant of true intensity.


Good fly fishing gear emphasises this simple truth in the design process, and good innovation centres around this philosophy alongside practical and theoretical know how. As a year long fly casting and fly fishing instructor I strive to bring this with me into the Arcticsilver family and our work to create the fly fishing tools, that will support your journeys near and far in years to come.

When we fly fish, we create ourselves in our greatest form possible - present, aware, observant and passionate. I am at heart a drifter.

Ronny Lagoni Thomsen