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The renaissance of the Griffiths Gnat

Fredrik Leth

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Ever since sometime in the late 80´s this little black hackled fly has had a spot in my fly box. In hook sizes #20-24 it has never made much of itself among other artier and well imitated flies. Shamelessly I have never tied it onto my leader. This summer it would all change and the Griffiths gnat gave me some of the summer’s best memories. 

During the balmy summer nights along the river Hemsila, the late evening mosquito hatch was the perfect arena for the pattern. The high floating hackled imitation was triggering the rivers golden brown trout to inquisitively rise. Often just to check it out at first but then at the second or third float by, to strike. 

The pattern originates from George Griffith and imitates pretty much, a cluster of midges, tiny mayflies and even black flies. The pattern is really simple to tie with just two components; peacock herl and grizzly hackle. That’s it. Takes about two minutes to tie but gives you a life time of memories.