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For the first time in fly fishing history, a new brand and rod concept has been born, a result of a successful Crowd Funding Campaign. With support from fly fishers all over the world, ArcticSilver has raised capital for the development and production of the perhaps most exciting fly rod concept and innovation in decades. We fly-fishermen are incredibly privileged.  Passion created by excitement, harmony, Mother Nature and great friendships has been our driving force in the development of our new product range. The interplay between the product on the one hand and our own skills on the other is important for our experiences, and the magic moments at the water.  With the Free-Flex concept,

ArcticSilver has created a completely new category of fly rods. The design team has without a doubt, explored new territory in the developmental phase and broken lots of conventional norms.  The concept itself, however, builds on basic common sense mechanisms, physical laws of fly-casting and all that knowledge acquired by fly-fishermen throughout the ages. With the Free-Flex concept, you can further develop your own personal casting skills without altering your casting style.  You will feel a considerable difference, the Free-Flex feeling!  With the Free-Flex concept, our wish is to help you achieve many magical moments.