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ArcticSilver Limited Ed. campaign rods include lifetime warranty against material defects to the original owner. If we no longer offer the model in question, we will replace it with what we determine to be the best comparable model. If a damage occurs: // Take a copy of the original receipt (proof of purchase) - keep the copy and send us the original. Send the damaged section(s) together with payment of the appropriate handling charge, securely packaged to:

ArcticSilver Innovation AS

Bergerveien 52

N-1450 Nesoddtangen NORWAY


Be sure to include a brief description of the rod damage along with contact information. When returning broken sections, you must state model, length and line size (#). Please inform us of your telephone number and delivery address. For broken tip sections: send us the bottom 15cm , for middle sections, the bottom and top 15 cm and for the butt section, supply the top 20cm). All these sections are labeled with a code - that helps us to find the correct part for replacement.



- The customer must retain original proof of purchase.

- The warranty does not cover lost sections, or normal wear and tear.

- The warranty applies only to ArcticSilver Limited Ed. campaign rods as manufactured as a part of this campaign in 11.2012.

- A limited handling charge and a per section charge will apply to each claim. For charge rates please contact ASI (ArcticSilver Innovation). ASI reserves the right to alter handling charges without notice.

- The warranty cannot be transferred to any third party.

- Parts covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of ASI.

- ASI reserves the right to determine whether to replace or repair any product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models, at a reasonable charge, with comparable models if necessary.

- Color- and material variations may occur in the replacement sections against the original.

- The warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages.

- The warranty does not cover lost rods or rod section(s).