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Fly Rod Registration
When purchasing a new ArcticSilver fly rod, please be sure to register the rod within 60 days of purchase. This can be done online at and you are then eligible for the full warranty and service benefits (as described below). Once the registration form is completed, you will receive an email of confirmation.

Fly Rod Warranty
At ArcticSilver Innovation, we take pride in producing some of the most innovative, thought through and carefully crafted high-quality fly rods on the market. Therefore, all First Edition ArcticSilver fly rods blanks and blank components are covered by a first owner lifetime warranty against material defects.

Material (blanks) defects are material- or production flaws or errors that cause the rod to be disfunctional. Not ordinary wear and tear or self-inflicted damage.

Should your ArcticSilver fly rod prove defective, please return the defective rod section to the ArcticSilver repair department (ADDRESS), and we will repair or send you a new section at a shipping- and administrative fee of 500NOK.

When sending in a defective rod section, please be sure to send us an email informing us that a service warranty matter is pending. Furthermore, it is greatly appreciated if you can briefly describe the character of the defect. This helps us prepare for a swift repair and it enables us to keep you updated on the repair progress.

Fly Rod Service
In the unfortunate event that you should break a section of your ArcticSilver fly rod, we can offer a fast ‘no questions asked’ service at a minimal shipping and handling fee of 750NOK, which will be invoiced with the delivery. (Please note that the fee for a new Free-Flex handle bottom section is 1250NOK).

Simply return the broken fly rod section/s to (ADDRESS), preferably with a short description of the problem, and we will make sure you have a replacement rod section swiftly. Please note that international customers will be responsible for any additional customs and duty charges added post shipping from ArcticSilver.

For further service and warranty enquiries, please send an email to